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Topic: MOL port 2 - help!

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    MOL port 2 - help!

    Every time I load GS3 I ahve to go into the settings menu and tell it to use the input from MOL but only on port 2. Port 3 and 4 are saved every time, and I dont have to set them up. But port 2 is always just blank - regardless of whether I choose "apply" or just "ok". It works though, just annoying I have to go in and do that setup every time I restart GS3...

    Any ideas? Does my problem make sense? I find it quite hard to describe

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    Re: MOL port 2 - help!

    I'd recommend looking at your MOL settings with a fine toothed comb. There's probably one odd item, like a name that was already used, or a strange filter setting.

    Make sure to reboot after making and MOL change, and double-checking that it really stuck.

    Good luck!


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    Re: MOL port 2 - help!

    Trying - cant really locate the problem :-/

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    Re: MOL port 2 - help!

    I had some problems with MOL, the new one, before. Can't remember exactly what I did, but this might be it - If it's really screwy, try uninstalling and deleting all the MOL stuff in the windows registry. The uninstall might not delete it. Then reinstall.
    Anthony Lombardi, composer

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