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Topic: help with recording from Giga to Acid

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    help with recording from Giga to Acid

    I\'m hoping someone can answer a question I have regarding gigastudio and Acid. Let\'s say you have a bunch of loops that are loaded in gigastudio and they\'re all at different tempos. Is there a way to get them into Acid-convert all to the same tempo and then get them back to Giga and place all the loops on different keys-then save as a gig file? Giga and Acid reside on the same PC. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Re: help with recording from Giga to Acid

    The short answer is to

    1) Open your gigs in the editor and export the waves
    2) Open them in ACID (or Sound Forge) and set the loop points.
    3) Render the results from ACID at the desired tempo
    4) Create a new Gig.

    It sounds really time consuming. I might do this with specific loops for a specific project, but I wouldn\'t want to convert a library this way.

    BTW, if you plan to do much Gig editing, check out the GigaStudio Mastery Tutorial on the Tascam website.

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    Re: help with recording from Giga to Acid

    Appreciate the answer. Is there any easier way to convert let\'ssay 10 different loops all at different tempos to the same tempo in giga?

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    Re: help with recording from Giga to Acid

    Let\'s see... Easier methods...

    You could transpose the loops in the editor, but that would change the pitch. Giga doesn\'t have a facility for changing pitch and tempo independently.

    If the tempo changes are all the same, you could use the Sound Forge Batch Converter to change the whole group of wave files. Unlikely that\'s the case though.

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