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Topic: Listen to this one, please!

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    Listen to this one, please!

    Here is the scene:

    There is this boy wich is scared of everything. Suddenly, he falls asleep and starts dreaming. In his dream, he is walking in the woods, and the woods start to become more and more scary. In just one minute, the whole thing becomes a nightmare, and in the end he is surrounded by eyes in the dark, when he finally finds one of his friends, that jumps towards him. All that in 1:30 minutes!!!


    This is a music for a play, and I have to deliver part of it until monday. I would like to hear your oppinion before I give it to my client, please!!!

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    Thumbs up Re: Listen to this one, please!

    I think this is a great score. It starts playful and innocent and then it becomes dark and mysterious. It tells a story without the words. Very Walt Disney. I'm sure others will chime in about the mix and more technical aspects but as far as the scoring... Bravo!
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    Re: Listen to this one, please!

    Quote Originally Posted by neoTypic
    Very nice stuff! I like the use of the whole "nah nah" theme about halfway through.
    I agree 100%. That is very catchy!
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    Re: Listen to this one, please!

    OUTSTANDING work my friend!

    The only small thing I would do is to turn down the choir samples.

    They're a little synthetic sounding (although they work just fine), so if you back off a bit....

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    Re: Listen to this one, please!

    *Very* nice job, Guga!

    I had to laugh. My little 2 year old girl was dancing to it and by about the last 10 seconds she ran out of the room yelling "Scared, Scaaared, Scaaaaaaaaared!!" Totally unprompted. I should say it was a success!

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    Re: Listen to this one, please!

    I agree with all above the music tells the story perfectly

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    Re: Listen to this one, please!

    Very Nice,

    I think if you brought out the harmony in the middle orchestral range it would lessen the sense of bass and melody dominating. You could put the voices in three or four parts (when they actually come in high on the melody) in that lower register and it would really be creepier and more dramatic as well as fuller sounding. You could also add notes underneath the French Horn (either more horns or trombones and that would also fill things out.

    I could hear that the strings were playing chords but the harmonies still need to come out ,so you could mix them louder or add violas an octive down with the same voicing.

    Charming piece with lots of vitality and character. I'm sure they will like it.


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    Re: Listen to this one, please!

    neoTypic: The "nah nah" theme was intentional, it is like the main motif that appears everytime that the character is scared.

    SiliconAudioLabs: Thanks for the advice on the choir samples, you are probably right because the choir patch disappeared (!!!) in the last time I opened the session, and I didn´t take much time to set the mix again when I bounced the whole thing, I was so tired! I will look for this before delivering it to the client!

    Tweedbox: I have a smile from ear to ear right now!

    dpc: I guess your advice aplies to all my compositions!!! I don´t know why, but I find specially dificult to bring more voices in the middle sections without taking down the power of the melody and bass. I am working on that, I am working on that...

    Thanks a lot for listening, guys!!!

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    Re: Listen to this one, please!

    Especially the first 0:36 are really great, I enjoyed the Wagneresque passage at 0:21 a lot. I do think the overall dynamics could be increased. The difference in volume of the reasonable soft themes and the "full orchestra" playing isn't nearly as big as it would have been when played like a live orchestra. Increasing the dynamics could give twice as much impact.
    Great job!

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    Re: Listen to this one, please!

    Guga, I think it is a very good piece and handles the challenge well but I would offer a couple of suggestions.

    AS he first begins to dream, it sounds more like he is skipping through the woods with butterflies all around maybe carrying a lollipop and there is a rainbow in the sky. Too happy. That may be what the play calls for. It just doesn't sound like a walk in the woods.

    Just before you go into the arpeggio section (as the demons appear?) the bassoon plays a descending line. It seems as if the whole orchestra is moving in parallel. My ear would rather hear something move within the chords either even or up, just to keep the sound varied. Then immediately the arpeggio moves back up and the voices follow chromatically. I think you could achieve this effect with a bit more variety than just a parallel chromatic move.

    This kid is really scared. In the middle, it sounds more apocalyptic than scary. Then as we come out, everybody moves in parallel again.

    Take these comments with a huge grain of salt since I am just a beginner in orchestration.

    They may stem from the fact that I spent 4 hours on the freeway in LA Friday with only one album, Harry Potter.

    I would add that your orchestra sounds beautiful, full and realistic.

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