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Topic: write cache enabled (or not?)

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    Re: write cache enabled (or not?)

    Hi Gabriels, the Nemesys guide is the only one I seen on tweaking that actually says to turn it OFF.

    I did this, and when my computer rebooted, it said it coudlnt load certain system files. The hard drive would chugg away like mad for about 20 minutes and I was watching a blank blue desktop, the icons hadn\'t even loaded in. I tried booting in safe mode, all sorts of things. In the end, i had to do a full re-install.

    I would have to say that this tweak in particular has burned me the worst.


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    Re: write cache enabled (or not?)

    OK.... sounds like I should leave it enabled.

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    write cache enabled (or not?)

    The Nemesys optimization doc says to disable write cache for hard disks. Videoguys tweak doc says to leave it enabled. Any idea which is correct?

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