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Topic: Midi controlling Volume?

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    Midi controlling Volume?

    is there a way to use a mod-wheel or some other midi control lever to change the volume of a patch in kontakt? for instance, i use white grand for some live performances and during solos or whatever i like to be able to control the volume, but haven't figured out a way to get a midi signal to do that. any ideas?

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    Re: Midi controlling Volume?

    Volume is CC7. You will need to enable the CC7/CC10 in options.

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    Re: Midi controlling Volume?

    Or else leave the CC7/10 option off and use CC11 instead. MIDI Control Code 11 controls individual track dynamics. It's called "expression" because its best use is for controlling the moment-to-moment phrasing of an instrument's line, the kind of breath control or bow control that gives a real performance expression.

    Then you can use CC7 to control the overall loudness of the Kontakt or Kompakt instance in your mix.

    Be aware that CC11 varies within the bounds of CC7. That is, when CC7 is at 64 (half volume) the change between CC11 of 80 and CC11 of 100 is only half as much of a dynamics change as when CC7 is at 127 (full volume) and CC11 changes over the same range of 80 to 100.


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    Re: Midi controlling Volume?

    hey man I had the same problem using logic and kompakt. Kompakt didn't respond to cc7 or cc11 so I am guessing it was a sequencer issues. I figured out a really nice way to adjust volume, pan, add fx and more to individual tracks using aux. I don't know what sequencer your using but if its logic I know you can do it easily without needing to use control changes.

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    Re: Midi controlling Volume?

    By default the CC7/10 option is off when you install Kontakt, Kompakt should be the same.
    To use CC7, simply turn it on, but you can specify a particular patch to use CC11. Do this in the rack section by selecting the patch you want and assign CC11.

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