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Topic: Christopher Duncan

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    Thumbs up Christopher Duncan

    Thanks. Just, a thank you for providing these fine musicians a channel for their music to be heard. The shows are wonderful and the cleverness of the announcers is uplifting. You should be commemorated for your consideration, thoughtfulness and hard work in thinking of and putting others before yourself! What you've done for all of these fine musicians and continue to do is immeasurable.
    With much admiration, thank you Christopher Duncan for the Composers’ Station and wishing you much luck with your future endeavors!

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    Re: Christopher Duncan

    Mega-dittos!.................................................. ...........

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    Re: Christopher Duncan

    Thanks, guys. I just love it when I get so much credit for everyone else's talent.

    It's easy to look good when you have quality music to work with. And honestly, folks, I haven't had a single composition yet that I felt wasn't "good enough" to air - it's all been great stuff. Then Charlie and Deirdre come in and add their magic to the mix and suddenly, it's a show!

    I think it's worth mentioning that Dee and Charlie couldn't be more perfect for the vibe I was looking for if I'd molded them out of clay myself. I didn't want a terse, dry, academic or "serious artistic critique" type of atmosphere to showcase your music. If you want someone to pick your music apart and make deep, insightful or critical commentary, there's an Internet full of people with strong opinions and way too much time on their hands. I wanted something fun, light hearted and not too darned serious, so that people could relax, laugh, have a good time, and just enjoy your compositions. These guys are perfect, and I love what they're doing.

    Actually, I don't think I could stop them from laughing and being silly even if I wanted to (and I don't!). Of course, the champagne they consume during the sessions probably doesn't hurt matters any. (In case some of you have been wondering what these "Mimosas" are that they always talk about, it's a glass of champagne with some orange juice in it. The orange juice is just for coloring, if you ask me. )

    Anyway, these guys are going to laugh, mispronounce names, make fun of people's derry-aires, ponder the deep, philosophical questions of alien anal probes, go on and on about dragon, er, movements, and anything else that they can come up with when they think I'm not listening (all done in a benevolent spirit, of course). And I'm just going to smile and buy more champagne.

    The common man thinks of classical music as dry, stuffy and anything but fun. Of course, we all know that's nonsense, but you've got to get them to listen to it first before they can realize it's good stuff. So, we're gonna have some fun with this, and we're going to drag the common man right along with us. There's lots of 'em out there, and you all need a bigger audience!

    So, I hope you're all ready to have some fun with this, because I told Dee and Charlie that when they're on the air, the only rule is to have fun, and you're all fair game! And heaven help you if you give them anything obvious to poke fun at!

    By the way, I'm in the middle of yet more web development, but the short story is that soon you'll be able to simply tell your friends, "Just go to www.TheComposerChannel.com and listen to the shows!"

    Okay, so did that exceed the minimum word limit?
    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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