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Topic: long load times - bug??

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    long load times - bug??

    is this another GS bug? occasionally i get very long load time on some instruments. in fact it looks like a freeze. very inconsistant and so far i can\'t track down to a single parameter.

    using a asus p4 2.4 w2k sp4 1gig 8oo ram

    page files? ram? any ideas?

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    Re: long load times - bug??

    If your BIOS/processor supports hyperthreading -- disable it in the BIOS. If you have any virtual (software) MIDI devices installed (e.g., HUBI\'s loopback device), remove them.

    - Keith

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    Re: long load times - bug??

    Mike, I have no solution. but this is exactly what some of us are confuse about with Kirk Hunter\'s solo strings. some of the instruments load and then get stuck.

    I wait 54 minutes on one and another guy waited 45 minutes...just to see if it would eventually load.

    Other instruments load fine.

    Some instruments that get stuck for me load fine for others.

    all in all, we have a mix of different systems of cpu and RAM and mobos getting the stuck .gig.

    The silly thing is Kirk Hunter is probably using the slowest computer of all of us and his instruments load in about 15 seconds.

    I really wish Nemesys would chime in sometime.

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    Re: long load times - bug??

    keith: hyperthreding is disabled and the are no othe midi apps- thx
    thses are vsl instrumment - does\'nt happen too often but it may take up to 5 min when it does!

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    Re: long load times - bug??

    As said on this forum about 6318 times before, this is a known Win2K/XP issue with GigaStudio.

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    Re: long load times - bug??

    I have the problem with GigaSampler on Windows ME.
    How often is that posted here?


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    Re: long load times - bug??

    about 5000?? i did a search before i posted i had some recollections on people having such problems.
    i guess i should have said something like:
    \" gee i apologize in advanced if this was discussed before..blah blah.\"
    would be nice if there was some doucumentation on know issues so we don\'t have to waste time.
    but i guess pigs will fly before that happens.

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    Re: long load times - bug??


    It\'s been some discussion regarding this on the VSL forum, you might want to check there as well.

    Setting the size of the paging file to a fixed value or even disable it entirely if you have lots of memory in the machine may help quite a bit. It definitely made a difference for me, even though I still experience long load times for certain instruments (the staccato patches in VSL being the most obvious example).


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