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Topic: Strange latency in all my VSTs

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    Strange latency in all my VSTs

    I use Sonar. For some reason, there\'s a latency in ALL my VSTs.. I hit a key and a second later the note sounds. Anyone have any ideas how I can troubleshoot this?


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    Re: Strange latency in all my VSTs

    Hi Sam,

    What VST wrapper are you using? I would look at that as the first culprit.

    Also, does that same problem occur during playback of a MIDI sequence, or only when you press a key on your controller?

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    Re: Strange latency in all my VSTs

    Using DirectiXer. And it only happens when hitting keys on the keyboard.. during playback it\'s fine.

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    Re: Strange latency in all my VSTs

    And the problem doesn\'t happen with DXi\'s?

    I\'d say we just narrowed it down to being the wrapper. But I could be wrong...

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    Re: Strange latency in all my VSTs

    DXi\'s lag too..

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    Re: Strange latency in all my VSTs

    Strange, strange, strange.

    It can\'t be DirectSound latency, since it works fine on playback of a sequence, and it can\'t be the wrapper, since your DXi\'s are affected.

    I\'m out of ideas.

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    Re: Strange latency in all my VSTs

    Hey Sam, I have some questions on this (sorry if some of this seems overly basic).

    Is this a new system configuration or an existing one? If existing, has it worked in the past and now suddenly started to introduce latency? Have you introduced any new drivers, updates, or devices? If new, have you configured you buffer size for the lowest latency settings? What OS are you running? What midi interface are you using? What\'s your motherboard/CPU setup?

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    Re: Strange latency in all my VSTs

    You need to be using either the WDM or the ASIO drivers in the Sonar Audio setup

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    Re: Strange latency in all my VSTs


    I don\'t know if this worked before because I never tried using any VST instruments. I believe I\'m using the lowest latency.. my Delta Audiophile 2496 is set to 512 samples, and Sonar is set to the lowest latency possible. My motherboard is an Epox 8RDA+ and the CPU is an Athlon XP 2500+


    How do I do that? My drivers are WDM drivers with ASIO support (version of the Audiophile 2496 drivers). I refuse to use the drivers, they\'re way unstable. Blue screens all the time.

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