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Topic: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

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    Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    Our Garritan forum community here at Northern Sounds has reached 50,000 posts. Richard N. was the 50,000th poster. Currently there are well over 100 new posts a day on the GPO forum, with many tens of thousands of views a day, and the pace is accelerating. The Garritan forum one of the most trafficked and fastest growing sample forums on the net.

    I strongly believe that a forum should contribute to the growth of the musician and to build up rather than tear down. We have informative discussions on a variety of topics, learn from dozens of user tutorials, we share our music, collaborations happen (like Elektro and the GPO Holiday CD), we have contests (like the GPO Orchestration Competition and the Worst Demo Ever Contest), we do informative excercises (like the 20 renditions of Air on a G String), we chat regularly on the NS chat, and most important - we help each other and have a good time together.

    The GPO forum has more professionals than any sample forum I know - award winning composers, university and conservatory educators, musical theatre directors, executives from music technology companies, performers, church musicians, programmers, game music composers, orchestrators, conductors, students, music veterans, as well as newcomers from all walks of life and from many countries. We do our best to encourage and support all musicians no matter what their skill level is. I want each person to come away from the forum with more than he or she came - whether it be more knowledge, or the satisfaction of helping someone, or hearing great music, or a smile.

    Many thanks to our administrators PapChalk and Desound who have done a remarkable job in making this one of the best managed, most productive and expemplary forum on the net. Thanks to our moderators Joseph Burrell, Styxx, and DPDan for volunteering their time. And thanks to all the members for making this the best, most encouraging, fun-living and most informative sample forum!

    50,000 posts is a great milestone but is only the beginning. We have had only two products (GPO & GOS) and this year we will be expanding our product-line considerably. I am looking forward to the next 50,000 posts with my friends in our forum community.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    Congratulations Gary!

    You'll probably be up to 100K in a month or 2 [smile].

    -- Martin

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    Talking Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    Congrats on creating, building, and maintaining such a wonderful online community Gary. We have all been helped and inspired by the garritan forums. Thanks again for such great products and absolutely unparalelled support.

    By the way, I cant believe you ommitted heating and air-conditioning technicians from your list of professionals in the post!! I guess I'll let it slide this time.


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    Thumbs up Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    50,000 posts is a great milestone but is only the beginning.
    Yeah, I remember my first milestone. Had to have it removed surgically because it kept getting in the way of my morning constitutions. What gall ya know? Doctor said if I didn't have it removed when I did it might have gone all the way to 100,000! Whew, glad that puppy is out.

    Contradubationski Gary! Maybe the next 50,000 will be productive for da cripes sake! Who ever hear of a contest for composers any who? Those guys should get a job and contribute to society like normal people for da cripes sake! Sheeezzz, the way everyone acted you'ld think they were really going to have a live orchestra play their music when in actually reality it's the Beachboy reunion tour with Michael Jackson signing, "What's This Thing Called? Love."
    I am upset though that no one liked my version of "Who Mooned My Mammy"! I thought it was the best dang darn blasted piece of trash ever and no one liked it! Thanks people. Now I feel licked ...... all over.
    HuH! Can he say that?
    I dunno?
    Can he say that?
    I dunno stop bothering me and give them French Fries!
    Why do they call them French Fies anyway? They're not made in France! And who put all them dame stars under my name? Why, I thought my wife blasted me over the head while I took a nap and was seeing things! Fish, not stars, Fish!Styxx.....You dang kids are all alike! Wait till your mother sees this mess!

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    Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    Thanks Gary and crew, I have learned so much from this forum and also feel like I'm part of something special here. Congratulations on this milestone, and I'm sure that we're all looking forward to more of them.

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    Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    Congrats all around! Said it before and I'll say it again - it's the BEST forum on the web.
    Careful, man, there's a beverage here!

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    Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    Woohoo! Congratulations! I'm thankful that I was able to find GPO, but I'm even more thankful that we are only at the beginning . . . the future has great things in store! (in the Garritan online store, that is)
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    Congratulations Gary. You deserve every accolade and dollar you get from creating such extraordinary products. It is truly an honor to know you, be a part of this forum and share this little bit of cyberspace with the likes of all of you guys and gals.

    And Styxx you deserve all the stars you can get. Can we all imagine working in or going to Styxx’s school? If he is anywhere near as goofy as he is here, I’ll bet you can hear the rafters rattleing with laughter from miles away. What a joy.

    Bless you all,


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    Question Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    If Styxx is this free with his humor at 50,000 posts, I wonder what the next 50,000 will bring?

    Congrats, Gary. This kind of thing doesn't happen by accident, or out of purely commercial aims. This is part and parcel of the fact that you've put your heart and soul into your products and nuture them (and us) as part of your family. Thanks for that, and for setting a great example in this industry and the human race in general.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Garritan Forum Hits the 50,000th Post Mark!

    Like a lot of people, I look forward to seeing what's new on the forum every day. The folks here have come to seem like friends and family. Thanks for creating a place where people can laugh and learn and share. This forum is our little cafe table in Paris where we share our struggles and inspire each other to new heights. I really think it will have a powerful influence for the good on the world of music. Here's to many thousands more!

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