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Topic: xp hell!!!!

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    xp hell!!!!

    ive just spent 2 days trying to load sonar, gigastudio and aardvark 24/96 direct pro into my new xp computer and im tired of it. i finally loaded the aardvark card last, and everything is right,(wrong). giga finally works , it recognizes the aardvark card, sonar works other than the fact that sonar doesnt find the nemesys midi out device. has anyone had this problem? im out of ideas.

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    Re: xp hell!!!!

    Have you selected the Nemesys MIDI output ports in the MIDI Devices configuration window?

    If not, you need to select the devices there to have them in your list of choices for input/output ports. Go to Options->MIDI Devices and select all the Nemesys MIDI output ports.

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    Re: xp hell!!!!

    My solution is a little radical but it works. I have the same configuration.

    Partition your drive into two parts. Load a second copy of XP on the D:\\partition and use it as a music production only install. Go to http://www.musicxp.net/ and fine tune your XP installation. Install the Aardvark card 7.04 drivers, Sonar, any sound editing or plugin software, and ALWAYS GigaStudio last! I have aboslutely no problems and my computer is much faster this way.

    Good luck,

    P.S. When you boot, give GS a minute or so before accessing it so it can initialize all its drivers

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