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Topic: Another question about volume levels

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    Another question about volume levels

    Thanks everyone for having patience with me while I am learning. Two more questions.

    1. I have converted some akai violin samples to a gigfile. The resulting conversion (and this is true for most of the things I\'ve converted) is that the dynamic response is too broad or severe --the soft velocities are too soft, the loud velocities are about right but WAY louder than the soft ones. I need to compress it so to speak. I don\'t want to do this with my keyboard controller because I operate other samplers which need the velocity curve to be set how it is. When I select all the ranges of the instrument and go to case properties to the response tab so I can set response, no matter what I do, I can\'t get any different response. I set the CURVE to LINEAR, and then play with the DYNAMIC slider and hit apply response each time, but it always sounds exactly the same --too soft of the lower velocities and too loud on the louder ones. Also, I have the \"entire region\" checkbox checked. I\'m missing something important, but I don\'t know where it is. Can you help?

    2. The other question is about renaming instruments so that a new name for the instrument can show up in the Sampler Channel, the Loader and also on your hardrive under windows? I\'ve changed the name in the instrument itself, but then when I tried to load it again, GS is confused and I get some error messages. If anyone knows how to do this, I would be much oblidged for the information.

    Thanks again
    Mahlon Bouldin

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    Re: Another question about volume levels

    hi mahlon,

    1. Velocity response settings are poor on GS. All to adjust you find under Editor/case properties/Mix-Layer and Response. You can decrease the dynamic range by setting this dynamic range slider to low.
    I highly recommend to set the range always to \"high\" and make all fine tunings in Logic, create a environment and use dynamic transformers to adjust.

    2.Renamink works only when editiong offline, close GS, start editor, rename the instruments, save.

    Now you know why we are all lamenting about this editor?...

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