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Topic: CC11 problems

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    CC11 problems


    I discovered a big annoying inconvenience about CC11 (expression) in HS 2002. For example, a note is drawn in the piano roll from:

    2:01:000 through 3:01:479

    A followed CC11 is applied starting at the value 127 and ending to the value 48 from:

    2:01:000 through 3:01:479.

    At 3:02:000 a CC11, having the value 127, is applied to reset the full expression of the channel

    But the velocity note last with the full 127 value at 3:01:479. To avoid this ending velocity jump the CC11 127 value must be drawn at 3:02:120

    I consider it\'s a real issue when you try to put expressions in many close succeeding notes. CC11 is the most important control for making alive sounds.

    Is something can be done ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: CC11 problems

    Thanks Haydn,

    but I messed with this today and think there is a way to correct this problem with midi-ox.

    If it works I let you know soon, [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: CC11 problems

    I\'ve noticed that Giga drags sometimes with CC changes. A workaround is to split the parts to different tracks and trigger the sound from 2 different MIDI channels. Put quieter parts on one track and the louder parts on another.

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    Re: CC11 problems


    Midi-ox helped me to have a total control over the CC11 attitude.

    In the translation map window a CC7 (Velocity control) output set to 0 is sent for each input NoteOff. For each NoteOff input a CC7 output set to 127 is sent.

    Of course this work only for succeeding notes with no chords in the used channel. But it saves from a lot of plumbing !

    If people here are concerned with those experimentations some Cal files and the Midi-Ox translation map file could be available.


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