I just went to PMI's website to download the latest updates for PMI "Old Lady" (GS3 version), and found this file "OLD LADY GS3 Cont Pedal.art". After downloading that file, I also discovered information about Grandioso FX, as I do not have any first hand experience of this.

Here is the link and part of a quote from the site.


"Note that the GRANDIOSO FX is a free program that we distribute to our GRANDIOSO users. On the other hand the program can enhance ANY piano library out there. When you want to experiment I can only encourage such efforts. Please let me know the results"

What I would like to know is. Can you use this (Or has anyone used this) to further enhance the behavior and sound of the "Old Lady" or for that matter any other piano library. Or is the Gigapuse that comes with GS3 orchestra, all I need.

Don't get me wrong. The "Old Lady" sound really nice through GS3 orchestra, but I just want to know if there may be something else out there that may futher enhance this.

Thank you