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Topic: How do I......?

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    Question How do I......?

    How do I save the DFD settings? I have the DFD update installed. I know that DFD isnt reccomended for GPO but it is working really well with my other libraries and it would help me set up a bigger GPO template if I could figure this out. Any ideas? I loaded a pretty big template in Cubase SX 1.06. It consisted of 5 instances of GPO with 4 full and the 5th with percussion only. At this point I am getting the low memory warning. That's fine because I have a lot of instruments at this point and most are KS programs. However, I would like to have even more because....well.....more is more right? So I set the DFD to the same as my other libraries' players and it frees up about 250 MB of Ram or more. This is great so I save this as a template inside of Cubase and restart Cubase. Then when I bring it back up, thinking that I'm going to load up the newly freed memory with more sounds, I get the low memory warning again. So I go to the DFD settings again and they have reset themselves to thier original settings. So then I saved the new settings inside of an actual project. Then I restart CUbase and open that project. Same thing, low memory, original default DFD settings. What's up with that? Any ideas? This isnt a horrible thing but it would really be nice to be able to load even more. This is my temporary fix till I get more ram. I have a gig right now but plan on updating to 2 or 3 gigs. Thanx in advance.


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    Re: How do I......?

    You need to close your sequencer and then restart it for changes to take effect. Also, you may want to reload the sounds after restarting to make sure that they have reloaded to the new settings.

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