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Topic: The .Dat file could not be found!

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    The .Dat file could not be found!

    Hi Guys

    Just installed Atmosphere on my G5 dual, running Logic 6.4 2 and OSX 10.3 5 iwth 1.5 GB ram.

    I think I've installed the .dat file in logic's Plug-in settings folder, but when I try to open Atmosphere,from the plug-in within Logic program, I get this error message...
    " UVI engine reported an error.....the .Dat file could not be found"...then it goes straight into the Atmosphere program but displaying "No presets" and therefore no sounds.

    Would anybody be kind enough to explain EXACTLY what I am meant to do. I am a real novice to computer music.

    All help much appreciated.


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    Re: The .Dat file could not be found!

    Hi Mike,

    I'm on Logic 7, and will admit that I've forgotten a lot about version 6. Logic 7 does store certain things differently, but I'm pretty sure the Spectrosonic stuff remains the same.

    You're Atmosphere .dat file should have installed into a Spectrosonics folder in Applications, assuming you did the easy install.

    Now, go to System Drive>Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components

    This is where an alias to the .dat file is supposed to be. To create an alias, find the real .dat file, and then while holding down the command and option keys, drag the image to the components folder. Make sure the word "alias" does not get added to the file name. If it does, click on the name, and rename it "Atmosphere.dat" You can verify that it's an alias by the little arrow in the lower left corner of the icon.

    While you're in the components folder, look and make sure that the Atmosphere AU component is in there as well. It should have installed there automatically.

    This can be done even if the "actuall" .dat file resides on an external drive.

    Hope that gets you going.

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    Re: The .Dat file could not be found!

    Download Spectramove from the Spectrasonics website. When you locate the dat file in Spectramove, it should work after that.

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