I am using GigaStudio on a separate machine, triggered via net (MidiOverLAN). On another machine I work with Nuendo 2. Sometimes I get notes hanging on...Let\'s disregard for now the reason why. It\'s a flaw in Nuendo 2\'s design. It happens not only with the GigaStudio, but with any module/VST instrument in the studio.

So what I do to get rid of these \'hanging notes\' is to hit the \"MIDI RESET\" button within Nuendo (actually it is a shortcut). Everything is fine, but Gigastudio! The MIDI RESET command not only mutes off the hanging notes (what is expected to do), but it also resets the MIDI mixer within the GIGA. Say that I have set intruments on different MIDI channels in Giga, each with (midi) volume/pan or even fine tune (for loops). Such a RESET just messes up everything, resets volume to 90, pan to center, and tune to zero. Suddenly the whole performance sounds totally different!

It is quite annoying...I know I can load the performance again, but sometimes this still doesn\'t work, unless I click on the reset mixer button within GIGA.

Am I missing something here? Is there a work around for this? It got to be...

Mihmar [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]