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Topic: sample editing question

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    sample editing question

    Hi folks,

    I have begun editing a lot of the VSL wind and brass samples I use, mainly to create dynamic crossfades or articulation combos. I have question that I am wondering if anyone here can answer. The clarinet long notes in VSL have a very soft and very sloped attack which is not usable at fast tempos (the only other articulation is the staccato notes which are far to aggressive). I have played with individual wave files in my audio editor and managed to reshape the attack so it sounds much shorter and very good.

    I want to build an instrument using edited notes like that, do I have to edit each note individually and then build the instrument from scratch or is there a simpler way that I don\'t know about? Is there any way to reshape wave envelopes in gigaeditor?


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    Re: sample editing question

    Is the effect you are getting by editing the amplitude of the waves substantially different than you would get by increasing the attack time of the amplitude envelope (env 1) in the GS editor?

    It\'s too bad you can\'t modulate envelope segments in GS, but if you have dimensions to burn you get roughly get a similar effect with a bunch of dimensions with different attacks. Editing hundreds of wave forms would be a big pain.

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    Re: sample editing question


    It is not possible to increase the attack time as the samples were created using a soft, slow attack. The env is already set to an immediate attack. That\'s the problem. And I agree, editing tons of wave files will indeed be a pain!


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    Re: sample editing question

    Ah, I see, I thought you were slowing the attacks of the staccatos, but I guess that doesn\'t make sense. What reshaping are you doing, I assume you are cutting off the slow attacks, and putting a fast attack on the sustaining portion of the samples? I\'ve never messed with the sample offset, but I wonder if you could accomplish a suitable effect in the GS editor by delaying the sample offset, and perhaps also futzing with envelopes?

    If this can\'t work, then I\'m out of my element. Perhaps the Vienna folks could be interested in giving you satisfaction, and you might explore Harm Visser\'s Oasys physical models:


    Oasys is a finicky beast & not everyone has what it takes to make them work well (in every sense), but they can be terrific and unique instruments.

    Good luck!

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