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Topic: How to assign unassigned regions

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    How to assign unassigned regions

    I know all my regions have samples. When I try to save I keep getting a warning message saying there are unassigned regions.

    I don\'t see any help in the HELP section and a search on this forum turned up an empty answer.

    How do I find this/these unassigned regions? What must I assign to them to save without the warning?


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    Re: How to assign unassigned regions

    Hi Marty,
    maybe I can help you, too [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] .
    These regions could be on another key-switch program. You can select the key switch at the right of the sample pool.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: How to assign unassigned regions

    Thanks, Markus. I still don\'t understand.

    Do you mean there is a keyswitch I haven\'t assigned yet?

    I haven\'t tried to assign any keyswitches.

    Another question is: How do I keep my cymbals ringing with a natural decay after I release the key? I couldn\'t understand how my other drum sets do it. I loaded them up and did a comparison but couldn\'t find the difference.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: How to assign unassigned regions

    I mean that if you have a keyswitch programme, you have to assign every region as well in every keyswitch programme. You can select them near the wav pool (to the right) the yellow part is the selected. And don\'t know if this is the problem, but maybe...
    To cybales it\'s called realese control, I belive, it\'s a midi controller option and could be done in the window down on the right. But I didn\'t do this yet.
    Good luck,
    PS is it possible you send me a small vgideo file that works for you in cakewalk sonar? (see reply avi/cakewalk problem)

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    Re: How to assign unassigned regions

    For anyone interested in release times of samples to get cymbals (for example) to decay naturally instead of getting cut off when the key is released on the keyboard, do the following in the editor:

    1) Above the editor\'s keyboard select EG 1 Release time

    2) select/highlight the velocities you want this release time to effect

    3)Pull up the little blue dot in the region area.


    Regarding the unassigned regions, I\'ve checked all my regions and just assigned at least the keybaord to them in hopes it would make this warning message go away, but no luck. Some regions (that have drum toms) don\'t even allow the option of assigning.

    Can anybody else can offer some help on how to find these unassigned regions and get rid of the warning message during saving.

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    Re: How to assign unassigned regions

    Well, I found the problem and maybe someone else will have the same trouble. So here\'s the fix.

    GSt wasn\'t lying to me when it said there were unassigned regions. I clicked on each region and discovered on two of my drum toms that I created 16 velocity splits instead of 8. So, 8 of the regions were without samples.

    So, I changed 16 to 8 and everyhting saved without the warning message.

    Many discoveries today.

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