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Topic: help! avi / sonar problem!

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    help! avi / sonar problem!

    Can anybody help me please? The avi-files I am playing in sonar xl 2.2 are stuttering, slowering down accelerationg all the time. Anybody knows this problem? Any solutions to this?
    Please help!

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    Nobody else using sonar xl knowing this problem? [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    The best place for Sonar help is at news.cakewalk.com. That\'s the most active new group I\'ve ever seen.

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    Hi Bill!
    Thanks a lot, I just posted to them... this is so embaressing... Anybody working on filmmusic could tell me if the video application works fine for him?

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    I use Sonar and have not had any problems with the avi import (and I\'ve used it quite a bit). Not much help here, but at least is gives you a little more info.

    Just curious, is everything else on the system normal when you are trying to play the avi (HD, CPU, Mem util)?

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    Hi Demoy!
    Thanks for the input - tells me at least that it *can* work [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] . Everything is fine meromry, cpu. I found a primitive way to \"solve\" the problem: when I apply on \"flesh to the left\" - it works [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] . Ok, then I have to record the midi with my left hand and press the \"left\"-key with the right... uh oh, I really hope there\'s a solution to this [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img] ...
    Any idea is more than wellcome...

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    YUPPEEE!!!! I\'M FINE! And that\'s another day lost for software issues - but that\'s worth it!
    So what was wrong? What was it???
    Well, I had the winamp player by default. And it was it that didn\'t play the files properly... Sure, noone of you could find this... and I installed the latest win media player and swupps - it works. Video-files are opened now by default by it and so sonar uses it as well... I finallt can sleep peaceful...

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    Markus, I\'ve been loading CineNet .avi files (the ones that come with the Deluxe version) into Cakewalk 9. I mostly don\'t have problems. But occasionally I get the stuttering probelm and if I re-boot it goes away.

    BTW, Cakewalk can also load in mpeg and Quicktime, but I had terrible sync problems with those. Have you tried these types of files at all?

    And side note, after I compose in cakewalk to the video, I export only the .wav then put the music and vido together in Video Factory (Vegas little brother program) which exports AV a lot better than Cakewalk (with also more export file options like .avi, mpeg1 or 2, wmv, quicktime).

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    Hi Marty
    thanks for the tip (btw, how\'s the bassoonosaurus doing?)... my problem rests, nothings solved [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img] . Ii just worked one time normally (stange enough [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img] ). The format I would like to use is avi... I tried everything... change keyframes, tweak settings, follow instructions on the help files... it doesn\'t work... Could it be this is my system? Before I used Cubase vst and I never hab problems to play video-files.
    Marty, can you tell me how to change formats? Is it possible with virtual dub? Maybe this helps?

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    Re: help! avi / sonar problem!

    What are you using as your clock source?

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