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Topic: DP 4.12 W/ RMX

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    DP 4.12 W/ RMX

    Hey yall,

    I just got Stylus RMX and am using DP 4.12. Here is my prob. I can't seem to play RMX through my audio interface which is hooked into my stereo, it only plays through my soundcard through my CPU tower little speaker. However, all my other tracks in DP (audio & midi) seem to be using my Tascam 122 interface and playing through the stereo. I tried adio config in DP and switched to my Tascam rather than built in audio system but then I don't hear nothing aout of RMX. Am I not asssigning my output right for RMX or am I missing a driver? Can anyone help? Thanks


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    Re: DP 4.12 W/ RMX

    Brian, I just shut it down and am headed to bed, but yes, you have probably not set it up right. There is a note (in the online docs, I think) that tell you how to make it work. It is something like: Assign an instrument track to RMX. Assign a MIDI track out to the RMX channel you're using. Assign the RMX output to an aux bus, and the aux bus to the master out.

    Good luck.
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