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Topic: Database and .gsp files on two computers

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    Database and .gsp files on two computers

    I am dealing with a known issue, as I understand it. I would like to be able to move .gsp files from one computer to another, and have all of the instruments load.

    Rebuilding the database does not fix this all the time. I understand that the directory structure needs to be the same.

    I am looking for some tips. Does anyone have any insights into this?

    For now I am keeping my .gsp and .gig files all on an external firewire drive, which when I take to another computer, everything loads. But I am hoping to find more information as to WHY THE DATABASE REBUILD DOES NOT INFORM THE .GSP FILE WHERE THE INSTRUMENTS ARE ON ANY SYSTEM.

    Thanks in advance,

    Dean Parker

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    Re: Database and .gsp files on two computers

    I used the AnalogX text scan program on the .gsp which told me the names of the original drives/folders from which the instruments were first loaded. Having this information, and making these changes to my drive path, allowed me to open the file and get predictable behaviour.


    Dean Parker

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