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Topic: OK, about Gigaworkspaces??

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    OK, about Gigaworkspaces??

    When I convert my Akai programs, they show up in the available Instruments pane in the Loader like the manual says. I had converted them to separate folders (Violins in \"Violins\", Viola programs in \"Violas\" etc. These \"folders\" show up in the pane and contain the newly made Gig instruments. It looks like from the lines of the tree that these folders are part of the BIG D:\\Gigaworkspace that I have set as default. The manual states that only one Gigaworkspace can be active at a time, yet I can load instruments into the sampler from any of these folders. Is this because they are considered subfolders of the Gigaworkspace? These instrument folders --on my hardrive-- are not in the Gigaworkspace folder though.

    So GS automatically searches for all GIG files on the hard drive and lists them. But what about \"current\" Gigaworkspace. It seems like this only has to do with where a performance is saved --maybe? If someone has more experience dealing with Gigaworkspaces and what-not, I would appreciate any advice.

    P.S. None of the folders show up in the disk manager unless I create them --except of course my default \"Gigaworkspace\".

    Mahlon Bouldin

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    Re: OK, about Gigaworkspaces??

    I’ve always found this to be incredibly annoying, and hope it will be changed in the future. The fact is, it\'s NOT a tree view, even though it looks like it should be. IMHO, it should be.

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    Re: OK, about Gigaworkspaces??

    If you do a \'profile drives\' all folders and samples on any harddrive will show up. Unfortunatly performances have to be in the original gigasampler folder.

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