Thanks to the Vintaudio group for their recent group buy. The Clinton upright was brilliant and does the business for a recent Phil spectoresque song I have orchestrated. I have a problem. A friend who I collaborate with needed the files so he could mix it in Pro-Tools at 96KHz. Off I popped to his studio with the disks, thinking "I know it's naughty but we do collaborate and it's just one guy".
Anyway, his G5 did not accept the data using a clever trick that only you guys at Vintaudio could explain, so I've sent the take as 48Khz over the net.

My next problem was that Logic 7.0.1 made a mess of my Audio Drive recently when I clicked on the "Convert to Akai" in the EXS24 editor. After prompting me with "Are you sure? This will take a long time" and me clicking on YES, it spent 1/2 an hour churning away at an old AKAI CD-ROM. After the long pause, I discovered one or two of my files had disappeared or been corrupted, including the Clinton. Horror!

I tried to re-install the Vintaudio DVD files that were affected and they seem to be screwed too.

Where did I go wrong?

Have Vintaudio given me a DVD-RW with clever copy protection that teaches naughty boys like me with DVD burners to not lend my data to others for free?

I'd like to know whether I've been taught a lesson or if there is a more simple reason for my corrupt files?