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Topic: Jail

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    Ern's last topic inspired me. Has anyone been to jail for anything interesting enough to talk about?
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    Re: Jail

    I had 3 conspiracies to overthrow the gov't. as a result of a kingpin charge w/ schedule 1 drugs when I was much younger . I ended up w/ 6 months unsupervised probation and time served . Much better than the 25 - life they tried to hit me with . All I had on me was a half gram of weed and a pipe .

    Needless to say I changed the people I hung out with and where I went . I was in the wrong place at the wrong time . I had just moved to the city from West Virginia and did not have my smarts about me . I was out at an event w/ no ID on me and did not split when the place got raided and they tried to pin everyone's stuff on me . Thank god I got busted in my Dad's old district where he was in Vice and he is friends w/ Peter Angelos .

    This happened 13 years ago .

    Live and learn .

    I have some more too but I will wait to see if anyone else has screwed up before I devulge

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    Re: Jail

    Not a very exciting story... but my one time in jail was also for 'minor in pssession of alcohol'. I was officially an adult (18 in the U.S.), but not old enough to drink beer, and got caught with some friends in an alley before a show. My friends were all 16 and 17, so I was the only one who went to jail. I spent most of the night in the holding tank in Long Beach jail. What a fun place! It was packed, and there was a little toilet up against the center of the back wall, and some big, mean looking guy was using the toilet paper as his pillow. Man, I'm glad I didn't need to go to the bathroom that night.

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    Re: Jail

    I was arrested twice as a teenager. Once was the day before my 16th birthday for smoking pot with friends in the bushes at a park.

    The second was nine months later for Grand Theft - Newspaper Machine. We were out being rowdy in the middle of night.

    My record is sealed and now - apart from the occasional arson, but as Monty Python said, what prominent public official hasn't set fire to a public building or two - I'm an upstanding citizen.

    And I didn't do jail time, of course.

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