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Topic: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

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    Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    Are you excited about the possibilities for a DAW?
    or is it hype?

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    Wink Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?


    Marketing hype...

    Steinberg has been developing Nuendo and Cubase in Unix for years. We should all get hot and bothered when there are more interfaces sporting 64-bit drivers for WinXP64 and Longhorn.
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    Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    Marketing hype is when someone goes on about something that means nothing. 64-bit memory means a whole lot to us, so yes, I'm excited.

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    Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    Marketing *hype* is when something is promoted beyond it's worth.

    The potential is "there" to become excited about it at some point, but there are too many pieces that need to come together. Even if there were plenty of chipsets and motherboard manufacturers that offered clear "upside" potential (right now it's marginal) *AND* if there was a broadly supported OS and manufacturers' drivers that properly supported low-latency audio *AND* if the DAW developers were tested and supported on those configurations - THEN and only then would there be something to get really excited about.

    My view is that they're looking to pump up the crowd to get initial adopters to beta-test for them. That's great if you're a bleeding-edger, but if you're looking for high-performance AND high-availability then there's still a great deal of waiting to do.

    Oh, and BTW, to get real bandwidth and plenty of addressable spaced, you'll end up spending as much on RAM as the rest of a matched-spec system. If that's not a deal-breaker, I don't know what is...
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    Yeah, it should be amazing once we can get everything shifted over.

    Once again Cakewalk is leading the way, on the bleeding edge of technology.

    Gotta love 'em

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    Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheLastCrusader
    Once again Cakewalk is leading the way, on the bleeding edge of technology.

    For the record: AMD Opteron News - 09/03/04 - Steinberg Announces Cubase SX3

    Cubase SX3 is the first version of Cubase to support a 64-bit operating system, and supports up to 4GB of RAM when used with a 64-bit operating system such as the upcoming Microsoft Windows XP 64-bit Edition and appropriate 64-bit processors such as the AMD Opteron. This doubling of maximum available RAM resources is accompanied by a significant performance boost when used with the latest generation of 64-bit processors.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    The truth of this matter is that Cakewalk's progress thus far has turned up some nice surprises in regards to efficiency and processing as well as just sheer memory addressing. We should all wish them the best of success.

    And FYI, Cakewalk's beta program is really not in need of any influx. They run the most organized beta program of any company I have ever known. In fact, so many people want into that program that a person has to practically have a recommendation to be considered.

    If you actually read Ron Kuper's interview (which likely spawned this thread) you will find it completely free of hype. I have known Ron since the day he started at Cakewalk, and he is one of the nicest, absolutely BS-free people you will ever meet. Not to mention having graduated with honors at MIT, and every bit as brilliant as one would expect a person of that accomplishment to be.

    I have spoken with Ron several times as he has been heading up this project, and what he has always projected to me is pleasant surprise and delight that what he had assumed would only be an advantage of "elbow room" would actually yield the performance improvements that have been eked out of the process.

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    Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    For us techno-pheasants out there, what will 64 bits do for audible sound quality? I mean, will I be able to hear he difference? That is always the big question for me.


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    Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    I meant no offense to anyone at Cakewalk, maybe my use of the word hype was inappropriate, just wanted to start a discussion and get to the facts of the matter.

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    Re: Sonar 64 bit, are you excited?

    Houston, I don't know what you're talking about. Where is it being promoted beyond its worth?

    It's very simple. Right now the Holy Grail of sampling is being able to load what you need on one machine. That's only going to happen when we get 64-bit memory addressing. We're not going to get 64-bit memory addressing until the DAW developers develop it. Cakewalk has developed it.

    Why would you want to poo-poo that?

    And I don't understand your maths. Four machines with 2GB of RAM each can't possibly cost less than one machine with 8GB of RAM, can it? Never mind that you can only use about 1GB of the 2 right now.

    So look on the bright side of life!

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