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Topic: Sampling Equipment List

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    Sampling Equipment List

    Look out, it\'s Steve\'s first plunge into the world of S-S-Sampling!

    So, after years of working with Roland Sound Modules and before that, those (what I thought were) high-end sound cards that delivered the greatest MIDI sounds the world has ever seen, I\'ve finally stumbled onto the world of samples, and hopefully acquired the means to actually afford...some of it.

    So, after some research and talking to some helpful folks (most of whom, if not all, are beloved NS members) I\'ve come up with a suggested equipment list. Please, check what I\'ve come up with and let me know what you think!

    Here we go:

    Sampler: Gigastudio 160 (I\'ve bought it already so...works for me!)

    Sequencer: Cakewalk SONAR (Avid Cakewalk User and very frightened of Logic...)

    Sound card: Delta soundcard (Type/Model as of yet undecided. Suggestions, please?)

    Speakers: Genelec Monitors (Apparently these are the rage, but I know nothing about them...This could, of course, be due to ignorance. Any suggestions here?

    Keyboard: Some sort of Controller with a mod-wheel (Currently I have a yicky Roland controller with just a pitch wheel and some sort of mod...stick? Anyhow, I\'ve heard I can get something adequate from www.m-audio for like $350. Suggestions? I dont need much where this is concerned, as I rarely do live gigs, and then I use my external module...

    Sound Editor: Vegas 4.0 or CoolEdit (Prolly go with Vegas 4.0 here, although I\'ve used CoolEdit Pro for a while now and love it\'s use of use. I assume it\'s not as powerful as Vegas 4.0, though... Thoughts?)

    And finally,

    Misc: Soundstage. (Sounds like a nifty thingy to use! Suggestions for other external gadgets that are essential?)

    Well, there it is! My intro software list. Comments, Thoughts, and Anything Else is/are greatly appreciated!


    (Just a note to say that since this post, I\'ve been looking at a Fatar SL880PRO Studiologic 88 Key Controller, and a Delta 44 or 66 model soundcard. Suggestions on these choices?)


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    Re: Sampling Equipment List

    Hmm.. looks good to me [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I don\'t know about monitors, maybe someone else can answer that. And yes, a mod WHEEL is important.. those lame Roland mod sticks will not get you the precision you need. They\'re especially annoying because they snap back into position when released.

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