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Topic: Should I buy Vegas?

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    Should I buy Vegas?

    Can Vegas 4.0 replace SoundForge 6? Does it let you do waveform editing.. at least cutting/pasting/mixing? And of course Vegas can handle DX plugins, so things like Ozone will work just fine as well.

    I\'m looking into Vegas because I\'m going to change my methods of mixing into one where I dump each instrument section to separate WAV files, and process them all separately. SoundForge works fine for that, but it gets very cluttered with all the windows open. I hear Vegas is multi-track.. so that should be nice.

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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    Hi Sam.

    Well they are different tools in your toolbox really. I dont know that one can replce the other.

    Vegas can do sample accurate cutting and pasting, normalization, etc. If you wanted to batch process wav\'s or something I would still turn to Sound Forge.

    If you are currently using Sound Forge to process one track of audio, e.g; apply an impulse, then Vegas will be heaven for you.

    Ozone works fine in Vegas but as it is 64bit it chews the processor. With things like that and impulses, I render the wav file, bring it back into Vegas alongside the original track, and mute the original.


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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    Hmm..sounds intriguing. So will it let me open several WAV files and mute/solo them, run DX plugins on them, and so forth? If so, I\'m sold. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Like I said, processing multiple wav files as tracks in SoundForge is a bit of a mess.

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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    YES! YES! YES!

    I have ProTools and I find myself using Vegas Video 4.0c more often. Go with Vegas Video not Audio. It will handle many MANY plugins.

    You can ...
    Draw instant cross fades
    Fades at head and tail
    Automated plugins volumes and panning.
    Create 5.1 audio
    Render to ANY format audio and video

    The explore wavs function is killer. Wav pool is amazing.

    The video features are sooooo powerful that we use it as much as our avid system at the studio.

    Burn CD, VCD SVCD and DVD

    I cant push you enough!!


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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    Vegas can do sample accurate cutting and pasting, normalization, etc. If you wanted to batch process wav\'s or something I would still turn to Sound Forge.

    Nope. Unless you have SF 5.0 you will need Batch Converter 5.0. Blows away what you could do in SF 5.0.

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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    Vegas is my NLE of choice. Just as powerful as Avid DVXpress, FCP, Premiere in terms of video editing, and it BLOWS AWAY the others in Audio, and I mean BLOWS away.

    For detailed editing in Vegas you have some options. Something called the trimmer, where you load a wav into a dedicated window, and can zoom/edit/etc (like a mini soundforge), or you can use the \'open in soundforge\' option, which opens the particular wav in soundforge. then use soundforge like you normally would, and save the wav, and vegas updates the file for you :-D

    Plus you get 5.1 mixing :-D


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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    Batch Convertor is pretty hardcore too :-D

    I use that to do mass conversions when I sample stuff in music. Grab a ton of mp3s from teh web, cut \'em up, and use bc to convert all hundred or so into wav format :-D

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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    Why Vegas Video over Vegas Audio? Does it have everything Audio has plus more? If it\'s lacking stuff the Audio version has, I won\'t get it. Besides, I don\'t really deal w/ video.

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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    Vegas Video is their full blown audio as well.

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    Re: Should I buy Vegas?

    Download the demo!

    BTW, you may not deal with video but I know your clients do. It\'s a great thing to be able to import any video format they hand you... drop it into the timeline and record MEGA audio tracks along side the video. I just go Gigastudio out via digital into vegas via digi in.

    For scoring and sound design it rocks. I have the Tascam USB428 so I can scrub video and audio. I also use firewire video I/O and I can \"watch\" the video on my 27inch flat Sony TV as I compose/sound design.


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