I have recently added Gigastudio 160 to my Pentium 2.2G system, and added a MIA Midi sound card to make sure I can work with its GSIF drivers.

I have two problems - that may be linked. The first is that there is an enormous lag - about 100ms between pressing a key on a connected MOTIF 8 keyboard through the MIDI connection on the Mia card to Gigastudio.

The second is when I play back a piano piece written in Sibelius through Gigastudio. When I played the piece through the sounds on a Audigy sound card, it sounds smooth and accurate. When I disable this card and use the MIA with Gigastudio, the quality of the piano sound is very good but the playback sounds jerky - nothing like as smooth.

I have set the GSIF buffer size on the MIA card to various levels, but it doesnt make much difference.
Any thoughts?