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Topic: Monkey Business preview

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    Monkey Business - WIN a copy!

    Just finishing up my new album of music for kids (and their adults). GPO is featured in some way or other on 10 of the 14 tracks. In some cases just one or two instruments are from GPO, but it is featured more significantly on a few songs, as in "Don't Bother Any Butterflies" which I posted a demo of a while back. I'll be posting a full song or two from the CD eventually once it is officially released (we open a cage and a CD comes flying out to much fanfare), but in the meantime here's an MP3 sampler of the whole album, in which you'll be able to hear some GPO here and there.

    The CD is available now for a preorder discount, and if you'd like more than one (they make great stocking stuffer gifts for holidays and birthdays) give me a holler and I'll get you a special discount beyond that. Click here for more info.

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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    What fun Shaz! William Shatner and Frankenstein? I would recommend this to anyone who has kids (or is a kid at heart). Very well done! I think I'd like that special discount for more than one

    Thanks for posting this and good luck with the release!

    Gary Garitan

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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    Thanks, Gary. Let me know what you need and I'll hook you up. And if you still want to feature "Don't Bother Any Butterflies" on the demo page, I can get you the latest version of that.

    Yeah, the Shatner line is one of those (like the Beatles reference) that is probably meant more for the adults listening along, but I think good kids' music should also be accessible for the adults who have to hear it over and over... But it was also the only thing I could think of that fit, as far as someone known for talking in a robotic way (and he doesn't really talk that way anymore, but the classic Kirk-speak still sticks with him, eh?).

    Perhaps I should also mention that there is a legal disclaimer after the "Prune Juice" song on the CD.

    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    Very clever concept, lyrics, product!
    Good luck with it.

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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    Great sampler, Eric!!!

    I don't have kids yet but sure plan on getting one of these CDs. This is fantastic!

    Good luck.

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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    Excellent stuff!!! Good luck with it!
    "Life is rarely fair..." - Garlan, of Thorandall

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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    Thanks, guys. I should have mentioned originally that you can enter to win a copy at the same link, so please do.
    - Cool Tunes for Kids -

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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    Just listened to your demo. It's great. A couple of the songs sounded wonderfully Beatle-esque. I hope you do very well with it. Kids need stuff like this.


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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    Great stuff, man!

    If I can ever get enough material in to do some rock shows (not many takers so far), maybe we could get a track from you to help promote your CD?
    Christopher Duncan
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    Re: Monkey Business preview

    Well, this would be nice to hear ... IF THIS DANG HP WOULD DOWN LOAD ANYTHING BESIDES IM!
    Shaz, I guess I am going to have to wait a bit bud.

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