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Topic: Gigastudio problems with Windows 2000

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    Gigastudio problems with Windows 2000

    I had problems installing the upgrades (code 218). I opened GS in diagnostic mode and the software run ok.
    However, using it with sonar, no sound is produced.
    I,m using a gina 20 soundcard and GS is routing trough 1,2 analogs outputs (Both deselected in sonar, and share drivers with pther programs checked)
    There is an aditional esting nedeed in w 2000?

    Please, I need some advice

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    Re: Gigastudio problems with Windows 2000

    Hi, have you tried clicking the keyboard image that appears in giga with your mouse? THe one that runs across the middle of the screen? Try that first to see if Giga is actually producing a note.

    Then, click the small keyboard on the left hand side of Giga whilst also playing your keyboard, I sometimes have to do this to get any sound.

    Someone else could probably explain it better than me but I know this works. Drove me crazy at first, sometimes Giga wouldnt play any sounds and I clicked the little piano roll on the left and viola!

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    Re: Gigastudio problems with Windows 2000

    Thanks my friend. I will try your trick.

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    Re: Gigastudio problems with Windows 2000

    You should have 2 MIDI outs setup in Sonar for Giga. Make sure you select one of these ports for the track you are recording in Sonar.

    You then should have the Sonar ports setup in Giga as your 2 input ports.

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