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Topic: Resolving Crackles....help please

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    Resolving Crackles....help please

    I have recently started getting crackles with GS 32 and the Steinway B .gig. It seems like it happens mostly when the polyphony is stuck around 32 for a second. Is this a known cause of crackles? Would it be fixed with an upgrade to 96?
    Is it really $300 more to upgrade from 32 to 96, that seems a little ridiculous? What are viable options(Kontakt, Halion still seem buggy, right?)?

    AMD Athlon 1.4
    Via KK266 Mobo
    GS 32 with latest patch
    Sonar 2.2

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    Re: Resolving Crackles....help please

    maybe I\'m daft but did you list your audio card? I starting getting those when i changed the setting of the sample rate inside giga and then on my audio card i think i changed them both to 44,000 or 48,000 which ever and they work fine now.

    PS ifyou\'re using Sound blaster live it is not GSIF compatable refur to Tascum Website for which ones are.

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    Re: Resolving Crackles....help please

    Sorry I did not.....my soundcard is a MOTU 24 I/O using the WDM drivers. I checked the sample rate during playback and it was set to the proper(44.1) rate. Thanks for reply....

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    Re: Resolving Crackles....help please

    Yes, you will get crackling when you hit your maximum polyphony as Giga will be abruptly robbing from \"older\" notes to accomodate the \"new\" notes.
    I have Gigastudio 96, and using the GigaPiano, I have maxed out the polyphony at times. You might want to consider going up to the GS160.


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