Hey PaPa & D

Could it possible to make a - let me call it
\'GS-User-Forum-Concerning\' Issue on the
Starting Page like the Software and Hardware
concerning thing or the Wishlist for NemeSys.

I think there are sometimes a few things to
mention. I have some....

First of all I would like to invite everyone
of the Forum\'s user to update their profiles, please.
It\'s really much nicer if you know where the
person you are discussing with is comming from
or what his profession is and interests.

By the way - I entered my E-Mail address but
it is not showen in my profile and I also do
not get any messages by E-Mail if there is any
reply to my post. But I checked the E-Mail Notification
when entering a new topic. So I think there
is something wrong with that E-Mail thing...

It would also be nice if we could change the
Icon when editing a post. Most of the time I
forget to set the proper Icon in the Original

Maybe that\'s possible...


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