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Topic: logic 5.5 and gigastudio 2.5 midi routing

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    logic 5.5 and gigastudio 2.5 midi routing

    I cannot seem to get logic recognise the nemesis midi out ports.
    I want to be able to control gigastudio from within logic audio using the virtual midi ports.
    I have tried re-installing both the applications and the operating system but all was for nothing.
    this is very starnge especially since this setup ws working fine a couple of weeks ago so i am quite sure that its not a hardware problem.
    Any tips about the matter?

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    Re: logic 5.5 and gigastudio 2.5 midi routing

    I have the same setup. Are you launching Logic from GS?
    (Bear with me. I\'m not at my \"Music computer\" right now.)
    Are the nemesys drivers not showing up in Logic at all, or are they there but just not functioning?
    Check control panel multimedia devices to see if somehow the nemsys MIDI was disabled.
    There may be a setup thing also in the win.ini file. I\'ll check when I get home.


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    Re: logic 5.5 and gigastudio 2.5 midi routing

    Thanks for the interest.
    The ports do not show up at all in logic and yes i have tried launching from within gigastudio.
    what should i be looking for in the system file you mentioned?


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    Re: logic 5.5 and gigastudio 2.5 midi routing

    Hi Roderick,

    I forgot to ask if you were running Windows 98SE or XP. I\'m running 98SE so navigation around XP may be a little different, but here it goes:

    Go to Start - Control Panel - Multimedia - Devices - MIDI Devices. Are the Nemesys MIDI ports there? If so, check the properties to see if they are enabled or disabled.

    If not try this:
    Start - Run - type \"msconfig\" and enter.
    click the win.ini tab and open the folder marked \"logic\".
    You should have a few lines in there that look like this \"MidiOut_Nemesys_MidiOut_Part1=7\"
    (The other line would show \"Part2=7\"
    If things check out there, click on the system.ini tab and open the \"drivers\" folder.
    Somewhere down there you should have something like this: \"MIDI1=C:\\PROGRA~1\\NEMESYS\\GSTUDIO\\MIDI.DR V\"
    (If you have other MIDI devices, It may be \"MIDI\", or \"MIDI2\")
    If you don\'t see anything here, I\'m guessing your drivers didn\'t get loaded which is why you don\'t see them in Logic.

    Good luck, hope this helps.


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    Re: logic 5.5 and gigastudio 2.5 midi routing

    i am running w2k.
    I have looked for the entries in the system.ini and there are no references to the giga midi ports only the ones of my usb midi device.
    any idea how to make them show up.
    i have re-installed both logic and gigastudio but still no luck..


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    Re: logic 5.5 and gigastudio 2.5 midi routing

    Copy down the \"devices\" section of your system.ini and post here and I\'ll see if I can make a suggestion. It appears the problem was the installation of Giga. Logic should be ok.


    P.S. Does Giga work on its own playing from a keyboard?

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