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Topic: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

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    GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    Just a quick question for uses of these Libary's........which is the most playable...ie Real time/Live on Keyboard!
    Thanks for any input/Advice.

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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    I think both would work well. These two orchestas where intended for different purposes so I don't think a comparison of the two would be fair.

    I see gold as a more production oriented sample set intended for film and tv and concert work that gives a pretty realistic rendition of what and orchestra sounds like in a hall. GPO is more intended to get your ideas across as a tool for composing. Though a lot of people use it for production as some of the solo instruments are quite nice sounding and some of the ensemble patches are good too.

    I think a more fair comparison would be between GPO and QLSO Silver for your purposes. Both are priced comparably and both are not as "wet" as gold. So it's probably easier to mix in with other libraries and other performers for stage work.

    But that being said I can't wait for Garritan to come out with the full version of his orchestra library. He was the first to break new ground with his string library and with the technology that he's working with today I think he's got a lot up his sleeve that's going to blow peoples minds out.

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    Post Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    Well, it actually comes down to this...

    For ultimate playability in a 'live' type situation or for just noodling with orchestral instruments---GPO is BEST

    For ultimate realism period, well this gets more cloudy as its a subjective thing. But if it comes down to just these two libraries, then for ultimate realism the EWQLSO is better but you will have to work a little harder with Silver to get the results.

    I own both and GOLD. I can't imagine being without these three libraries.

    ..but wait...

    There is also the newly re-worked Miroslav Vitous library from IK and Sonic Reality, with much unreleased material, more chromatic multisamples and the complete choir MV had done also with previously unreleased material and supposedly IK has revamped the ST2 engine to allow for more expressive programming. The library is about 4 gigs in size they say.

    This is supposed to sell for about $599.

    Things are heating up in the low end of orchestral sampling...

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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    I'd listen to Nexus as he does own GPO along with Silver and Gold. I'm biased only owning Silver and Gold....and VGL...and SAM Solo Sessions...and Prime Sounds Studio Strings....and HALion Strings.....oh, my poor bank account!

    Seriously though, it isn't fair to compare $249 GPO to $995 Gold. To me you should compare Gold to VSL Horizon Opus 1 which is in the same price range. Seeing that I have some sounds from that library, I prefer Gold for all around excellent sound. And for the few sounds that I'm not quite enamoured with on Gold (and there are only a couple), I believe Gold Pro will rectify that and then some. Honestly, I like to stick with one or libs and not mess around with tons of different sounds from different developers. Mixing them together is a bigger challenge. Mind you, I am working on a project now where I've used both Silver and Gold and they work wonderfully together. For instruments where I'm just doubling the melody or some contrapuntal lines in the background, Silver samples do the trick because they are lighter on my CPU and especially RAM. I might, at a later date, get Silver Pro as well to run on my laptop. Hmmmm, I wonder if Gold Pro owners can downgrade or whatever you call it should they want a lighter version to work on smaller systems...

    Doug, are you reading this?

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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    I think GPO compares better with Silver. They're around the same price range where Gold is way up there....and between Silver and GPO I'd chose GPO. I don't know aobut Gold though, obviously it costs more and can work better depending on what you're doing.

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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    I've considered buying GPO, or at least I did before going for the "Gold" as it were. But even then, I couldn't rationalize the expense. I couldn't and still don't like anything I've heard from it.

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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    GPO plays better. Period. Other orchestral library developers would do well to mimic the controller mapping (velocity to attack strength, modwheel to volume, etc.). You can just perform parts & lay down tracks with minimal tweaking.

    Gold sounds better out of the box, period. I find it needs more tweaking of the performance, but less tweaking of the mix. I also rarely ever use GPO's brass. I am unable to get GPO's brass to sound full & rich.


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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    Eric, good points. And I'd like to add that I don't have a hate-on for Gary's products. I'm waiting to hear some demos from his much lauded Big Band library. BEing a jazzer myself, I think this would be a great lib to own.

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    Talking Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    other developers have

    I id the velocity set to attack thing with modwheel dynamics back with Dan Dean Brass Ensembles (the first library I put this into I believe, but I know I didnt create the technique, its something that was in all the old Roland JV sounds I had, so I credit Eric Persing for giving me that idea...in fact its because of that guy that I try to be creative at all in my programming). Its also something I put into the hollywood strings update for GOS.

    There are other libs that use this method as well. Just a bit of info before people start believing that only one library uses this method, or even that it started with GPO.

    I believe its in some SAM patches as well.

    There's even this in the EWQLSO stuff with DXF with attack control.

    I cant remember if its in SI stuff, but I program it into alot of the stuff i do for myself. To be honest I dont know how people live without this in any orch library.

    Just want to point that developers ARE using this method, and it shouldnt be hinted that they arent.
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    Re: GPO or EWQLSO Gold?

    Quote Originally Posted by dcoscina
    I've considered buying GPO, or at least I did before going for the "Gold" as it were. But even then, I couldn't rationalize the expense. I couldn't and still don't like anything I've heard from it.
    Oh, c'mon now. There's a lot of good stuff in GPO. I heard the demos just like you and I thought that it had a lot of great instruments. Tuba is good, T-bone is good--flute not bad--oboe good--okay clarinet--not so good trumpet--good solo french horn--not bad cellos.

    Over all the library is much better that a lot of what came before it and at 1/2 to 1/10th the price.

    It's good. It's workable. It may not be the best, but I think Gary G. is got something comming that will be.

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