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Topic: Giga Upgrade? hmmm....

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    Giga Upgrade? hmmm....

    I have one machine running GS-32. I was thinking about upgrading it to GS-96. Upgrade from Tascam is $300.

    HOWEVER, I\'ve seen GS-96 on sale for $299 (not the upgrade...full stand-alone version)....

    Any thoughts? Any way of the \"upgrade\" price becoming more competitive? Am I really getting any REAL upgrade path value from my GS-32?

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    Re: Giga Upgrade? hmmm....

    It\'s fairly common for manufacturers to offer the worst price on their equipment. Why? So they don\'t anger their distribution channel.

    Then again, how much did you pay for GS32?

    You can probably get a new version for the cost of the upgrade. The question is, do you like the middleman enough to give him your money? Or do you want Tascam to have it?

    It\'s the same with library developers. If their direct pricing is reasonably competitive I\'d rather give 100% of the cash to the developer. All the better to help fund future development.

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    Re: Giga Upgrade? hmmm....

    GS is nice but $299 for GS 96, which only comes with one sounds (Gigapiano) seems pretty lame. I wonder if the fabeled 3.0 will actually have some bundled sounds like everyone else does. Maybe you should try Kontakt instead if you want more polyphony.

    P.S. I do use both GS96 and Kontakt, but that is until I finish translation all my GS sounds into Kontakt format.

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    Re: Giga Upgrade? hmmm....

    Cool...just for the record, that copy of GS-32 I paid $100 at a retailer. So, GS-96 is typically $400, so the $300 upgrade cost makes it all nice and neat.

    Other machines are taking up the slack, etc. but it IS time to get more poly from this guy...

    thanks for the responses

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    Re: Giga Upgrade? hmmm....

    Here\'s GigaStudio 96 for $279.00 Save yourself 21 dollars! That\'s a CD!

    GigaStudio 96

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