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Topic: Would like to thank midphase

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    Would like to thank midphase

    For pointing me in the direction of Retro Funk Drums! I'm loving this library.

    Just had to do that. I felt guilty not extending a thank you since I'm having so much fun

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    Re: Would like to thank midphase

    I want to thank him for his moody Beethoven-esque photo, too.

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    Talking Re: Would like to thank midphase

    Lol @ Bruce. Yeah, midphase does have one of the better pics on here. Mine didn't look as suave so I took it off.
    I think a favorite gag in medival times was to sneak up behind a Knight and stick a "kick me" sign on his armor with a magnet.

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    Re: Would like to thank midphase

    Wow, thanks guys! I didn't think my contributions to this forum would eventually result in my very own thread!!!

    So now I guess I'll just wait for my commission check from Eric!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: Would like to thank midphase

    You're one of the most outspoken and knowledgable members of this forum. Why wouldn't you get your own thread! I vote that you get your own topic for discussion.

    Though you're a bit rough on new members sometimes. "ROTFLMAO". Remeber that after my first posting. Yeah, I do...I never forget.....never.....

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    Smile Re: Would like to thank midphase

    I demand the return of your picture. Never mind, its back.

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