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Topic: FTP for delivery

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    FTP for delivery

    anyone using FTP for delivery?
    i got a hosting plan with midphase. although i can set up for a basic
    "pseudo" http streaming site. ( is not progressive or shoutcast)
    i am somewhat amazed at how difficult it is setting up FTP accounts to download files. basically ,i can't get internet explorer to to download my files, and uploading is very slow even on a dsl w/ 128 kb upload speeds.
    midphase claims its IE. NOT them. in other words its difficult to get FTP to download files because of proxy servers etc.
    before I fire them altogether, i am wondering what solutions exist. a goggle search is showing lots of ftp hosting solutions that just rent ftp space some use java loaders to make things speedy. some of these solutions look
    like a good addition to a website host but not really a replacement.
    anyone have any good experience with this?

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    Re: FTP for delivery


    It sounds like you're encountering unecessary BS to do something that should be quite simple. It sounds as though you're trying to set up an html/web shell to use as a downloading post.

    I use ipowerweb for webhosting:

    I'm only linking because I've used several hosting companies, and these guys have great features, and are competitively priced. I'm just a satisfied customer. No ties. At iPW, within your hosting account, you can assign User/Password protection features to folders on your server space. The control panel is really solid. Unlimited email accounts; tons of stuff. And you can embed streams, mp3 files, etc.

    Upload speeds are measured by your dsl/T(X) account. I've found consistent download speeds from my server are in the neighborhood of 8-10 Megs/minute with a basic home dsl service (Verizon-Claiming speeds up to 1.5 Mbps/384 Kbps).

    As I do most of my work with mac, I use an FTP program, Fetch, to upload files to the server. There are a bunch of FTP apps to upload files and tap your server. If you're on a mac, I highly recommend Fetch.

    Another idea is a idisk account with apple. There are quite a few using it, as it's pretty easy to access. I'm not as familiar with it, and I'm not sure you'd have the ability to assign specific access rights in the same way you can with your own server account with a web host.

    I don't know if any of thishelps at all, but I thought I'd toss it out there.

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    Re: FTP for delivery

    I'm not sure how well this apply but I just set up "hidden" pages at my website - pages with no links to them - and then email the recipient the URL. I put links on the hidden page to whatever needs to be downloaded. It gets around having to educate anyone about FTP - they already know how to download from the WWW.

    I wouldn't expect upload or download speeds to change.


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    Re: FTP for delivery

    Hello Mike,

    Dreamhost offers you Anonymous FTP services as an extra option. IE could be part of the issue, but true FTP transfers should take place over an FTP application such as Fetch, Transport,etc.

    Can you refresh my mind as to what specifically you are trying to accomplish?
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    Re: FTP for delivery

    basically i want joe clint to go to a ftp site without any xtra software and download a file. it i use a ftp client to upload.

    and x drive and some others have some good options for that kind of thing.

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    Re: FTP for delivery

    Is anyone here on the boards familliar with Digidelivery? If I understand it correctly, you can send non-protools/avid formats. It sounds like an intersesting option...anyone know pricing for these systems.

    check it out....


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    Re: FTP for delivery

    This is quite doable through most web hosts (as I mentioned I use Dreamhost which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a server provider www.dreamhost.net).

    I believe much of the problems are caused by the browsers which don't see to be as "hip" on the correct usage of FTP protocols. Safari is less reliable than Explorer on the Mac, I don't know what the options are on PC's but I would assume that Explorer is that much better.

    What I tend to do for my clients is set-up a subfolder address on my site for them to go to and download the files they need by right-clicking (command-click) and saving to their computers. While this is not secure from intruders that might stumble on the right address, considering I usually keep the files up there less than 48 hours it hasn't been such a big issue at all. The problem with that system comes in when I need then to upload a file to me. That is when you really want to tech them to use a basic FTP program.

    On the Mac, I also recommend the .Mac option which essentially gives you an FTP type service without the clunky 3rd party app, but this comes at the cost of using a Mac (although you can do it through Explorer on the PC as well).

    Lastly, there are some 3rd party web based services such as the ones listed above.

    All in all I would say that if your clients will be mostly downloading and not uploading, and the privacy of the information is not vitally important, then you're fine with the subfolder on your web site method.
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    Re: FTP for delivery

    yea....don't use IE for FTP. It really sucks at it. Use an FTP client and your connections and transfers will go very soothly and be much more solid. ON a PC, Smart FTP is free and is very good. On MAC, Fetch or Transport are both good, but not free.
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    Re: FTP for delivery

    check out www.audio-host.com. they have a great web based interface that comes bundled with a full ftp/email/web hosting package. click on find out more on the main page to see the web based upload/download interface. clients can download and upload files directly from the web interface. you can also create user accounts for each client.

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