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Topic: Reliable Online Stores

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    Reliable Online Stores

    I\'m getting ready to order my computer parts, and I need to know some reliable online stores I could order from. If any of you know of any good online retailers, or had good experience with any, I\'d appreciate the help. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Reliable Online Stores

    Oh, crap, I guess this wasn\'t the best place to put this, was it?

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    Re: Reliable Online Stores


    awesome prices, awesome shipping

    also, try...


    Those two rock!


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    Re: Reliable Online Stores

    Thanks! I\'ve seen those two and I was hoping they\'d be good because of their prices. You never can tell with online store reviews because they most likely have employees to write rave reviews.

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    Re: Reliable Online Stores

    I\'ve always had excellent prices and service from newegg.com also.

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    Re: Reliable Online Stores

    http://www.atacom.com often has good memory & processor prices. They\'ve been very reliable.

    http://www.directron.com stocks a lot of quiet PC parts with pretty decent prices. Also a reliable vendor.

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    Re: Reliable Online Stores

    You can also try: www.tigerdirect.com

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