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Topic: Piano Samples, any new insights?

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    Piano Samples, any new insights?

    Piano Samples, any new insights?

    There\'s been nothing mentioned in the past two months on the software boards regarding piano samples.

    Has anyone in the meantime made any new evaluations of existing libraries or found anything new? Does anyone have a wish list regarding development of piano samples?

    I presently use the Bardstown Bosendorfer and Gigapiano.


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    Re: Piano Samples, any new insights?

    Hi, I think Nick Phoenix posted a thread on the various piano sample libraries now available, discussing the merits of each. This was in the Sample topic a few weeks ago. Perhaps do a search there.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: Piano Samples, any new insights?

    Right now there\'s no new technology out there to make a better piano sample. It\'s really a matter of refinement - go for a great piano with great mics, great placement, great preamps, and well-tempered velocities. Since pianos don\'t have different articulations, can\'t swell or add vibrato, you can only get so creative. It\'s not like you need \"the cube\" to paint the transitions between notes.

    The one new cool technology will be the sostenuto pedal. My old Kurzweil PC88 supports it. Giga 2.5 doesn\'t. Hopefully 3.0 will.

    Do the other soft-samplers support the sostenuto function?

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    Re: Piano Samples, any new insights?

    Whoops, I searched and posted in the wrong place. Sorry about that, and thanks for pointing it out Scott.

    Jon, I don\'t know if anyone has sostenuto yet, you might want to do a search (in the right place, not like me [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] ) if you haven\'t already.


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