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Topic: sample start offset question

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    sample start offset question

    can someone give me a quick tutorial on how to ride the sample start offset of an instrument using a controller, say modwheel...so as to shorten the attack as needed? Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance...


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    Re: sample start offset question

    In the Mix/Layer window you can set the sample offset, but it\'s not controllable.

    I see two options:

    1) Set the offset, and then modulate the attack (In the EG/Mod window), or

    2) Set different layers with different offsets, and then switch or fade between them. If it\'s a solo instrument, definitely switch. If it\'s an ensemble, you may be able to get away with a fade, though the phasing effects may detract. I\'d go switched.

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    Re: sample start offset question

    So there is no way to control sample starpoint via Velocity?
    I wanted to move the start point forward while playing tom toms at low velocity and move back at high velocities to get the full attack.

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    Re: sample start offset question

    You can absolutely do that.

    Setup the samples to have many velocity layers, say eight. Each one can have it\'s own sample if you want, or you can use the same sample for multiple velocity layers.

    Now select each velocity layer one at a time, and adjust the sample offset for each layer differently. Should work really well.

    If it\'s a mono sample with no other layers, you can do 32 velocity layers. If it\'s stereo, you get sixteen. That\'s probably overkill. And more work than you need to do. Eight should be pretty seemless. And four should be reasonably effective.

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    Re: sample start offset question

    Thanks for your help, Jon-\'ppreciate it.


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