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Topic: rhodes epi chords

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    rhodes epi chords

    hi, im searching for a long time to cool rhodes vst, i dont know what is cool vst for great sound in jazzy house lounge and so , you know.
    please help im going crazy


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    Re: rhodes epi chords

    Try Lounge Lizard

    and Tassman have nice rhodes.
    So, you can try Logic's EVP88 (if you use that host).

    Oh, so much examples... try that

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    Re: rhodes epi chords

    I've just discovered Mr Ray ( http://www.soundfonts.it ) and it's completely blown me away. I seem to prefer Mr Ray 2.2 over MrRay 73 and MrTramp for both Rhodes and Wurly sounds, respectively, but others seem to talk more about these two dedicated versions.

    I'm particularly fascinated by the Mellow patch from Mr Ray 2.2, which is a mellow Rhodes. I've suppressed the hammer sound, and increased the
    mallet strength a bit, and WOW - this sounds to me how I'd imagine a brand new Rhodes voiced exactly how I'd want it!! It's not without it's faults, but the faults that I perceive, if they are faults, should be trivial to fix. The sound is all there already, IMHO.


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