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Topic: Violin Suite No 1 - Mov 1

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    Violin Suite No 1 - Mov 1

    Finally I finished something. This is my first piece for a solo instrument. I originally made use of a few double stops, but I couldn't get them to sound just they way I wanted, so the delete key pressed, sending them into oblivion.

    This is the first movement and is tempo "moderato" I guess. I hope you like arpeggios! The suite is in F major, this movement is about 5:30. The mp3 is 192 kbps.

    Here is the mp3:


    and the score for your viewing pleasure:


    If only there was some one I knew who could really play the violin (*cough cough* Ferrara ). Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and I'd love to know what you think.

    I was going to wait until I had finished all the movements, but couldn't resist. Next comes the adagio . . .
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    Re: Violin Suite No 1 - Mov 1

    Hey, very nice!! Sounds like someone needs a new Sonic Morphing Stradivarious

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