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Topic: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

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    Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    Ok guys,
    I need your help again....I'm looking for anybody who has a good sounding card, with plenty of midi, and most of all TROUBLE FREE with easy installation is a MUST ....I have been screwing with my Gina3G card for too F'n long , and I am getting more and more discouraged by the second !!... I'm just gonna sell this card to someone who can use it for another program....It just doesn't do it for Giga3 ... My drivers take a walk everytime I reboot the computer, and Im having to take the card out and in and reboot and reload drivers EVERY time I want to get Giga3 to work .....NO MORE.....I need a good working card with plenty of midi, and it MUST BE TROUBLE FREE .....Please send me your suggestions.... If paying more money to get a trouble free installation is what I have to do, than I will ...I want to be able to start my computer, open Giga3, and a sequencer program, and have them play nice together....Am I asking too much ??.....Thanks to all .....Boy I'm tired of this !!.....Jim

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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    Are you saying you have a one system setup? I thought you did your sequencing on a MAC.

    I don't think there are many sound cards with more than one MIDI port. On the other hand, with something like the Audiophile, you can install 4 cards.

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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    I'm using an M-audio Delta 1010LT and it's so trouble free for me I don't even notice it's there. I'm still using GS 2.54 but considering updating to Orchestra.
    I also use it with Cubase and again it just works. Once I installed it I've never had to do anything but use it.


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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    I am sequencing on a Mac, but I want the option of sequencing on the same computer as the Giga3 if I want to go to a one computer setup ...Jim

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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    To clarify,

    You are still having problems even after making the "Endless Wave" settings?

    Does EchoAudio have any clue?

    Re: cards, I have a MOTU 2408mk3 that works fine, and many others use RME cards.

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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Hines
    ...many others use RME cards.
    Yep ! Using a RME 9632 without a glitch ! Very easy to use, and great sounding card.


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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    After further investigation , the Purewave issue was not the problem either because when I load the program after pulling the Gina3G card ( yes, I am back to that again ) , installing the drivers, and then booting back up, the drivers default to WDM, and the system works ....Also , I remember in another post, someone said that they had WDM drivers working in their system with Giga3 and Gina3G

    Echo doesn't know's NOW as much as you and I know, as I updated them to my problem and all the troubleshooting we did ... We were able to find more than they did ...

    I'll call you soon....I'm still trying to figure out, were these drivers go when I reboot ....This is what I think the issue is....If I could figure out why they do not load or where they are going after I shut my computer down, and then start it at a later time, I think I would have it fixed ...My thinking is that it has to be the way the WDM drivers, and the Echo drivers load.....One has to load before the other or ????....After everything else that I've troubleshot with you and others, that's what I have an idea is the problem....Now if someone knew how to change the sequence of the drivers loading , maybe I would get somewhere, but then again........MAYBE !!!...

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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    Hi Jim, sorry I missed your call yesterday, call this evening if you like. I use an RME Hammerfall HDSP 9652. It's very transparent, just doing what it's supposed to. No glitches, pops, clicks, or any of that crap, it's sounds fantastic too. I bought mine on Ebay.


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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    I'll be in touch some time this weekend ....So far, I 'm considering either RME or M-audio for my next card ....The 9652 is in the running for sure since it has the extra midi ports that a lot of other cards don't have.... I'm glad it run's without problems....Thanks for the reply.....Jim

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    Re: Trouble Free Card for Giga3

    The Delta 1010LT from M-Audio seems to work real well, as does the MOTU 828 firewire card. I'm not sure about the cards with the multi midi ins.


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