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Topic: MP3 trial expired!

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    MP3 trial expired!

    Hello fellow Cubase users,

    I legitimately bought and registered my sequencer 2 years ago, reloaded it last year, and today I got this cut-off trial message about mp3 audio file format from inside Cubase! I have to infer that this was not part of the package but I can\'t believe that... since registering with a legitimate code obviously didn\'t do it, I wonder are there any free mp3 formats out there I can get or does any cubase user know how to get over this hurdle? I\'ll be phoning Steinberg in the morning of course but in the meantime, I am not expecting a lot, having experienced their customer service before, so I thought I\'d turn to fellow DAW owners first. Any help gratefully received.

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    Re: MP3 trial expired!

    Hmmm, interesting, someone mentioned recently that this happened to them with Wavelab.

    Are you using SX? I wonder how the mp3 deactivation actually works. For example, if you reinstall Windows and Cubase will it reset?

    I believe the LAME codec is free and seems to be generally well thought of.

    Regards, Scott.

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