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Topic: remapping CC in Cubase?

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    remapping CC in Cubase?

    Hi, this issue's gotta have been addressed in the old version of the forum, but I don't see it in the new forum. Anyhow, I used to use a keyboard with remappable controllers so I could use it to control CC1. But now, I use a keyboard that can't remap the CC number on the keybaord's side, and so I need to configure GPO player to take whatever it is that my keyboard is sending, and use it as the modulation. Is this possible in GPO player? Or in Cubase? So basically, I want to set up GPO to react to, say, CC# 50 or something.

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    Re: remapping CC in Cubase?

    In Cubase, you do it via the Logical Editor. It's in the functions menu and you can convert any midi information into any other.

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