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Topic: Free Piccolo runs...

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    Free Piccolo runs...

    About 8 months back I did my first recording session for my own personal library. I was looking for misc piccolo runs like ones used often in horror scores. That first session went ok, but I ended up doing another session using the knowlege I gained from my first session and it came out way better. In any event, the first session yealded some useful samples. They are random oneshot samples that add a little creepy, shrilly, horror fun to your scores. (Note: This patch is kontakt with samples) Nothing to fancy. I beleive that EWQLO pro will address these kinda sounds extensivly. If any one wants to take a stab at doing a little sound editing work to fix em up a bit or convert them to gigastudio feel free. If you do find these useful let me know. Enjoy!


    GO HERE:

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    Re: Free Piccolo runs...

    Hey Tmon,

    Thank you so much for this, I was desperatly looking for some woodwinds runs. This will be most useful.

    Thanks again. :-)

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    Re: Free Piccolo runs...

    Any other takers?


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    Re: Free Piccolo runs...

    Anything for Gigastudio?


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    Re: Free Piccolo runs...

    About 6 months ago I switched completely to Kontakt. The samples are there if anyone wants to make a giga version.


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    Smile Re: Free Piccolo runs...

    I uploaded just the wav files in a zipped file.

    Get em here:
    http://www.unifiedpictures.com/Tmon's Piccolo runs 01 Samples.zip


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    Re: Free Piccolo runs...

    I mapped the wav files in gigaeditor and made a Gs3 giga file.
    The samples are mapped across the white keys from C4.

    Unfortunately I can't host the file anywhere, so if someone could host it for me that would be great.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Free Piccolo runs...

    email it to me and I'll post it.


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    Re: Free Piccolo runs...

    Looking forward to seeing that Gigastudio version posted up!

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    Re: Free Piccolo runs...


    You are the man!! I was trying to search for a post
    i wrote 2 months ago. I was actually looking for Exactly
    these types of runs!!!!!

    When i saw your thread, i was like "my god, could this be it"

    And it was! Thank you so much!!

    Your generosity is much appreciated by all im sure!!


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