I have been reading here for sometime and am impressed with what I hear and what I read . It gave me an idea.

Would anyone living near Toronto ( I'm 20 minutes east) be interested in collaborating ? I don't mean compositionally really , it's more in shared arranging ideas. In other words sharing our knowledge and experience.


I have a studio , yes a real studio in my home. It has been professionally done acoustically. If you use for example, hopefully, GPO, GOS , EWQL, Bela Media, KIrk Hunter solo strings, SAM Horns, GIGA 3 etc etc and importantly perhaps Cubase SX then you could come over and basically load what you have and continue and perhaps do a great recording.

If you also like/use piano then I have a treat for you. I have a Disklavier Grand and mic's a plenty.

I have some rare mic's like old Neumann U67 and AKG tube etc etc.

Myself? I write for piano and solo strings a fair amount and what I do is an ostensibly good mockup and then bring a real violinist or cellist and use these tremendous mic's.

So what I have a great real piano sound and great real solo strings against a backdrop of GOS and EWQL and SAM etc .... and GPO too ! esp the flute .

My purpose ? I'm sure you will be very superior at arranging certain things and I at other things so there's the possible benefit.

I wish I could offer this to many people but it's quite a commute from say, Denver.

Obviously it would be great if you are motivated to have works performed by a real orchestra but if you're interest is film then why not ?