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Topic: Upgrade to XP question

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    Upgrade to XP question

    I just upgraded my Gigastudio system from 98SE to XP and often now I get this noise almost like it used to sound when I was overtaxing it trying to get it to play too many voices, kinda like little clicks. Except now it does it with very few voices and few instruments loaded. It used to work fine.

    ADoes XP need special tweakage? I looked at the optimization pdf on Tascam\'s site, and did a couple of those things, but nothing helped.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Upgrade to XP question

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    Re: Upgrade to XP question

    Thanks - I did a bunch of those tweaks and now Gigastudio seems to run much better.

    However! Windows doesn\'t see any audio devices anymore. Media player says \"no audio device found\" when I try to play something and the sound control panel reports \"no playback device\" in the sound playback of the audio tab.

    I did all the obvious stuff, reseat cards, check for IRQ conflicts, delete drivers and put in the newest ones. Nothing seems to be working.

    Any ideas out there?


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    Re: Upgrade to XP question

    Hi Henry,

    I\'m no expert here. Perhaps you might want to post what your system consists of so there\'s more info at hand for the experts.


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    Re: Upgrade to XP question

    Henry, try going to> start>settings> control panel> sound and audio. Click on the audio tab and check what the default device is for playback and recording. You may have to select your card.

    Regards, Scott.

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