All my midi comes into my M-Audio 2496 on its one midi input port. Everything comes in on channel one, but then gets duplicated on ch 2-8 by midiox before being sent to Gigastudio. There\'s a lot of continuous controller info streaming into that port, and being pushed out ch 1-8 as well.

I seem to be able to get 160 voices ok, but with the occasional pop and snap. I\'m not sure about this, but these artifacts seem to happen more around the time that new midi info is being sent than at times when I\'m sustaining high polyphony. In fact, I\'m just as likely to get these pops etc when I\'m playing a monophonic line using a simple solo voice as when I\'m playing instruments that take up multiple voices and doing block chords with melody on top.

I\'m wondering if using the same midi card to receive midi and generate sound is the possible cause. Also, would there be any sense in restructuring my midi so that the input on my one M-audio input port gets divided up (using Midiox) into 4 virtual midi ports and then input into Gigastudio on its 4 input ports.

Is there more of a bottleneck sending voluminous continuous controller info through 1 midi port on 8 channels than there would be dividing it up into 4 virtual midi ports (and two channels apiece).

Of course a multiport midi card would decrease the load, but doesn\'t work for me because my controller can output only on one port/2 channels.