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Topic: SATA Drive w/Drumkit from Hell : Superior

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    SATA Drive w/Drumkit from Hell : Superior

    So I now have a new 74gb Raptor Enterprise SATA Drive (SOOOOO FAST) ... should I totally rework my Sequencer PC and use this drive as my system drive (my system drive's not SATA, so it's slower)?

    I was going to just throw this drive in and put DFHS on it and also direct my WinXP page file to this new drive.

    Is that a decent arrangement? Thanks.

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    Re: SATA Drive w/Drumkit from Hell : Superior

    System drive can be slower, sample drive must be fast. Drumkit from Hell Superior doesn't use direct-from-disk, you need a lot of RAM to use it properly and the speed of the hard disk doesn't affect the actual performance but just makes the files load faster (if there aren't any other bottlenecks). If you are using or plan to use other samples (with DFD), then you definately should keep the system on your old drive and use the new one for samples. Keep the page file on the system drive (the old one) so that paging doesn't affect the DFD performance.

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